Victoria Kukhtina is a russian artist.

     Themes that she explores in her artworks are magic of life and philosophy of happyness.

     She uses such media as:
oils, pastel and charcoal, watercolor and gouache, ceramics, sculpture, tattoo art.

     She was born in Moscow in 1993, studied at Timirjaseff Art School in Moscow (2011),
at RGGU University in Moscow (2015) and at Albert-Ludwigs Universität in Freiburg, Germany (2017).
Her education and interests are in spheres like Art, Literature, Culture, History, Mythology, Ethnography. 
She is member of Artist Trade Union Russia.


2022 Russian Art Awards - Exhibition at Tretjakov Gallery in Moscow

2022 Ceramic Fest "Alive clay" in Yaroslavl

2022 Exhibition at "Arthab" in Ivanovo together with charity fund

2021 Exhibition at Etnographic Museum in Simferopol

2019 Exhibition "Painting St.Basil's" in Moscow

2019 Charity Art Fair "White flower" in Moscow

2018 Russian Art Week in Moscow



Victoria Kukhtina


Виктория Кухтина

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